The 2022 Master Plan Diary - Peony Rose


The busy parent’s secret to success.

Does this sound familiar? Soccer and Football practice, dance lesson, school excursion, groceries, P&C cake stall, playgroup, GP appointment. And that’s just Friday afternoon...

Let us help get your and your family organised.  There is an art to juggling the family schedule, and it all comes down to having a Master Plan. This beautiful diary makes it easy to see everything at a glance, with a planner for mum (or dad or nanny) and up to five children.

This Family Organiser is stylish, modern and is a week to a view.  The layout is unique and vertical so you can arrange your day the way it suits you best.

 It starts on 4th October 2021 and goes until 1 January 2023.  Starting before the Christmas holidays is a great way to help you get organised.    

- Stylish design, bound in a beautiful Italian fabric, Handbag sized,  ( 14.5cm x 21 cm and 1.5cm thick) so you’ll always have it when you need it most.

- Week to each page opening, for at a glance planning.

- Monthly View, Notepages, Rainfall Chart, Gift List, Important Information and Moon Cycle.

- Elastic Closure, Ribbon Marker, Perforated Removable Notebook, perforated corners help make this Master Plan Diary so very functional.

- Keep on top of it all with space for menu planning, birthdays, milestones and your never-ending to do list 

- Includes school holidays and public holidays for Australia, New Zealand and the UK.


**  A "hack" from our customers, if you don't like the Monthly View between the pages, simply use your Monthly Adhesive Tabs to stick the pages together. 


- Designed by us at Milestone Press in Melbourne for the Australian, UK and New Zealand audiences.

Made in Europe.

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Peony rose diary

Lee on 16th Sep 2021

The diary is great. Have used it for many years now. The only comment i have is about the monthly calendar page that has now been reduced and put on one side with a note page on the other . Peronally I find this space way to small to write the many tasks I put in now and having poor eye sight its not a page i can quickly glance at now without my glasses. I will probably make something up to add in so the pages become useful to me. Other than that its a great diary. Maybe a heads up on fb to say what the end changes are . Then we can decide if its suitable or not before purchasing. Keep up the good work

Master plan

Tara Hayes on 18th Aug 2021

Absolute best diary for my busy family Love the tabs and layout has everything you need