About Us

Milestone Press makes keeping memories easy. Whether its making plans for the future with the Master Plan Diary, or recording the past with A Book About Me and My School Days. 

I started working with books in 1999 as a Print Buyer for DK Publishers in London.  I worked in a team and our job was locking in prices and schedules with printers in China and Europe.   After leaving London in 2000, I travelled home via Europe and Asia, while in China I met a contact from DK and had a tour through their Printing Factory in Dongguan in China.   I was offered a Job to work for this Printer and a Paper Merchant, who specialised in selling European Papers and Covering Materials, in Hong Kong.  It was here that I first saw the lovely material from Italy that we use on the Master Plan Diaries.

I left Hong Kong in 2001 and continued to work for the Paper Merchant and a Print Broker based in Hong Kong.  

Milestone Press began in 2005 when Fiona (My Sister in law, and business partner) and I discovered there was a gap in the market for functional, unique and gender neutral Baby Record Books. We wanted to create a product which could suit all families.  We believe that A Book About Me is this product!

My School Days was created when Fiona's son Ben was about to start school.   We felt that there was a need for a School Record Book for the children themselves to fill in.   We spent a long time designing something functional that the children would enjoy filling out.

As our children grew our needs also did.  Life as a CEO of the family can be busy!  Digital doesn't always work so The Master Plan Family Diaries were created and released in 2008. They are a designer diary that takes the stress out of organising a family!  

In 2012 I became the sole Director of Milestone Press.  This saw a redesign of A Book About Me and The Master Plan Family Diary.    

As a mother with teen and almost adults daughters......gulp....!! (Emily 2004, Georgia 2006 and Zoe 2008), I aim to always make our products functional as well as to look beautiful and inspiring. I LOVE receiving feedback from my customers and every new print run seems to incorporate at least some tweaking that you have suggested. 

In 2013 my family and I moved to London.   When we moved here we arrived just in time to visit St Mary's Hospital where Prince George was born!  We gave Prince George A Book About Me.  We even received a card from The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge saying thank you!

While in London I did a Design Course which taught me a few tricks and now enables me to design products from Milestone Press, often incorporating new ideas from customers.

In late 2016 Milestone Press relocated to Melbourne.  

In 2017 we introduced Monogramming and Pocket and Pen Loops.

In 2019 we introduced the first Jan - Dec Master Plan Diary, a leather version as well as Adhesive Monthly Tabs.

2020 is a very exciting year!  We are so happy to introduce the  Mini Master Plan Diary, Ballograf Pens and Pencils, The Master Plan Budget Book and The Christmas Master Plan!  So many options!!  

2022 Master Plan they come!!  



We love hearing from you, so please stay in touch!


Annabel Cornfoot