A Book About Me 2015 Version

Posted by Annabel on 27th May 2015

Milestone Press celebrated it's 9th birthday earlier this year.  I thought that it was perhaps time to again redesign A Book About Me and some extra pages which are downloadable from our website.  You simply print them at home using the blank paper at the back.  If you need more paper, we always have some available for purchase.

Our new designed A Book About Me allows you to adapt your book to your own family circumstances, always making it unique and special.  Our new downloadable pages are.

A Mum Version - leaving all reference to dad out.  This can be good for double mum parenting as well as single mothers by choice.

A Mom Version - This changes all "mum" references to "mom". 

A Dad Version - Leaving all references to mum out.  This can be good for  double dad parenting as well as single dad by choice. 

If you get called by something else, please let us know and we can do a special page for you also.