Adhesive Monthly Tabs.  Use the adhesive on the tabs to place these at the start of the relevant month in your Master Plan Diary.

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Great add on

Andrea Schutenko on 11th Oct 2020

Love the monthly tabs - a nice touch and makes it easy to find months quickly. I bought the pastel tabs this year and they're lovely.

Matches perfectly!

Sally Jensen on 16th Sep 2020

I absolutely love that there is a notes tab! The colour matches the pen loop perfectly and compliments the sparkly camel in Egypt diary. I am so so happy with how the complete diary package looks! Almost the most exciting thing to happen to me in 2020!!

Perfect Months

Dani Louise on 15th Sep 2020

I bought these vibrant pink monthly tabs with the beautiful poneapple coloured planner. The hot pink compliments the bight yellow of the planner perfectly and I could not be more pleased with my purchase.

Helpful tabs to accessorise your diary.

Annette on 15th Sep 2020

These tabs just add that little bit extra to the look and functionality of the diary.