The Ultimate Christmas guide that can fit in your Master Plan Diary.



Elf on the Shelf.  Helps you to record ideas and tick when they are completed.

Christmas Card List Page.

Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas Gift Ideas Shared

Christmas Movie List

Christmas Craft Ideas / Shopping List

Handmade Christmas Baking / Shopping List

Christmas Day Menu Ideas

Decoration Inventory

Christmas Holiday Activities

Christmas Traditions

Christmas Parties

Christmas Day - Menu, Shopping List, Running Sheet and Gifts Received



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Very helpful

Elizabeth Cronk on 15th Dec 2020

Love this idea and look forward to using it for next Christmas plan. Though i haven’t put it in with my diary I have it with my desk in the office.

Organised events

Kelly rinaldi-Bull on 23rd Oct 2020

Love that I can plan all in one place for Xmas from gifts to lunch to who I still need to buy for :).

A Must Have!

Dani Louise on 15th Sep 2020

The Christmas Master plan is a must have for anyone who celebrates christmas. It is a like saver and helps keep track of everything you have purchased and what you still require and helps plan out your day so the day runs smoothly. My only recommendation is to buy two at a time because if your a person who shops throughout the year and at the toy sale, by the time you've received your planner in October, you need to play catch up with yourself but if you buy two you have one to fill in and one for the following year so no having to rely on your memory to fill it in which I'm thankful for as I dont have the greatest of memory.